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Integrate HubSpot with PrestaShop or Google Maps within two clicks!

  • How to subscribe:

    1) Fill in the form and choose your plan

    2) Grant access

    3) Follow the instructions you receive by email.


    /!\ HubSpot Marketing Basic & admin rights required.

    Support e-mail: portal.admin@elixir-solutions.be 

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  • With our free & certified Google Maps portal:

    • Visualize your HubSpot conversions around the world
    • Know your visitors and target your campaigns
    • Meet nearby leads in the area you're visiting.
  • With our PrestaShop integration,send data between PrestaShop and HubSpot to:

    • React on your customers' purchase history
    • Reduce the number of abandoned carts
    • Track and attribute revenue


    Find more info and pricing plans for the PrestaShop app on the product page here

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