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Download the customer experience workshop templates


Want to do a workshop about Customer Experience? Download this toolkit!

Customer Experience is the focus of the successful businesses today. In order to improve your organization, doing a workshop on Customer Experience is a good step to take in this direction. That's why we prepared this toolkit to help you run a Customer Experience Workshop.

In here you'll find templates to :

  • Map your customer's journey

  • Find forces and frictions in your processes

  • Take action to grow your business!

Mapping your customer's journey

Understanding your customer is the first step to take to create the best experience for him. Put yourself in its shoes, analyze your data to understand how he feels, thinks and what he does, at each step of his journey. 

Finding forces and friction

Once the journey is mapped, start defining where there is a gap in your process, where your prospect or customer is encountering an obstacle. What, on the contrary attracts him, make him purchase and stick with you? In other words, which elements constitute a good or a bad experience with your organization? 

Create an action plan

From those observations, think about what you can do to improve your customer experience. On different levels : organization, processes, objectives, automation. It can even be that you need a new tool to improve that! Brainstorm ideas, find solutions and stick to your action plan! This must include the marketing, sales and service sides. 


All of those steps are covered in those templates. With them you should have all of the practical tools to run a workshop in your organization. If you don't, take a look at how we did it ourself.

Download it here