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Discover the story of ION:

ION partnered with Elixir to lead a seamless migration from Salesforce and Pardot to HubSpot, revolutionizing ION's digital processes. With a strategic integration in place, Salesforce continues to power the back office, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operation.

Discover how this digital transformation laid the groundwork for ION's continued success & adaptability in the competitive real estate industry.

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  • elixir x ION

    Discover the driving forces that led ION to choose HubSpot, a decision fueled by the need for enhanced lead management, streamlined workflows, and advanced campaign/event management.
    Explore the core objective of this migration: keeping work processes and ongoing campaigns uninterrupted. Learn how Elixir crafted a tailored solution architecture to precisely align with ION's specific business processes and goals. By implementing a strategic approach & challenging the scope, we made their business smarter.

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Download the case here!

This case offers invaluable insights and a roadmap for professionals, who are considering on a similar migration journey.  Download the full case to unlock the full story and gain strategic inspiration for your success.


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