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Learn more about our HubSpot Asset Management plugin!


Gain full asset visibility with our HubSpot Asset Management add-on

A visible, connected installed base has the power to fundamentally change the way you deliver products and services to your customer. Combined with customers buyer journey info from HubSpot you gain more insight in what your customer actually needs.

Elixir Solutions' Asset Management add-on links your installed base with HubSpot, which will allow you to create, filter and search for contact lists...This will get you a better segmentation of your customers based on the products they buy (e.g., product type, warranty end date,...).

Go for more accurate marketing and generate more revenue

Having the ability to easily segment installed bases provides you a powerful tool. It allows a more accurate marketing and leads to new opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling to a segment which is often forgotten: your existing customer base.

With our Asset Management HubSpot add-on:

  • Know what your customer has on site

  • Market smarter and more focused

  • Generate sales out of your existing customer base

This add-on can be used as a standalone solution or integration with your SAP or other ERP environment.

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